Why take a schools approach?

Health and educational outcomes are inextricably linked

Health promoting schools, a concept launched by the World Health Organisation, is based on the social model of health, which views health as influenced by complex, intersecting factors that go beyond individual factors such as biology. These factors include the social, economic and environmental conditions of life: the contexts in which people learn, live, work and play. The social view sees health as more than the absence of disease, encompassing a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

As the physical, mental, social and sexual health of young people is integral to how and what they learn, school is a priority setting for health promotion. The earlier in life we start acting on health, the better the health outcomes of communities, families and individuals.

The concept of health promoting schools is explored in great detail within the Girls Talk-Guys Talk program, which takes on a whole-school approach to respectful relationships and sexuality education. You can read more about health promoting schools here.