Evaluation tools and resources for Human Relations have been continually modified over time in order to elicit the most relevant information from participants and staff. Currently, the evaluation process is multi-tiered and consists of a number of strategies including:

  • A weekly pre-and-post session quiz to assess student knowledge retention
  • An end of program quiz to assess overall knowledge gained as a part of the program
  • Assessment of student comfort through the use of an “emoji box”, where students are encouraged to nominate a card that best describes how they felt during the session – happy, sad, embarrassed, angry or bored
  • Student observation undertaken by staff and program facilitators
  • Staff and facilitator reflections following each session and at the end of the program

Comprehensive evaluation data assists in quality improvements and future program modifications.

After the five week program is delivered, WELS staff will provide feedback to the welfare coordinator regarding the program.

Evaluation methods and activities can be found in the program manual.