Girls Talk Guys Talk

Girls Talk – Guys Talk is a whole-of-school approach to sexuality and respectful relationships education.

The program provides a framework for actions in three broad, overlapping fields: community, curriculum and culture.

This acknowledges that delivering curriculum alone is not enough to increase the interpersonal skills, and ability to navigate respectful relationships of young people.

Girls Talk – Guys Talk is not a curriculum. The manual is a framework for creating supportive school environments that promote respectful relationships and sexuality. It does not hold lesson plans, but details the process, tools and resources needed to develop and implement a whole of school approach.

Girls Talk – Guys Talk contributes to the development of sustainable school environments that encourage the development of young people to access knowledge, skills and support that enhances their sexual and reproductive health and respectful relationships decision making.

Girls Talk – Guys Talk has been delivered in both mainstream and specialist schools in Melbourne’s west.