Aims and evaluation questions

You, Me and Us aims to redress the drivers of men’s violence against women by promoting equal and respectful relationships between young men and women. To evaluate whether the project achieves these aims, each component of You, Me and Us has specific research questions.


  1. To what extent do participants in the settings where the program is being delivered report increased awareness of gender-equitable respectful relationships, ethical behaviour and preventing violence?
  2. To what extent do participants in each setting report increased skills in conducting respectful relationships, ethical behaviour and preventing violence?

Pre- and post-session questionnaires were utilised to evaluate whether the sessions had met the aims outlined in the research questions.

Peer educators

  1. To what extent were peer educators satisfied with the peer education training that they received?
  2. Did the training prepare them with the knowledge and skills they needed to deliver the training?
  3. Since participating in the You, Me and Us program, have peer educators engaged in other leadership programs or initiated any primary prevention of violence against women work in their school or community? Was it formal or informal?
  4. What, if anything, has changed since their involvement in the You, Me and Us program?

Pre-and post-training questionnaires, reflective journals, a session delivery debriefing tool, exit interviews and a project completion survey and workshop were utilised to answer these research questions.

Professional development for workers

  1. In what ways do participants understand primary prevention of violence against women and gender-equitable, respectful relationships as a result of the training?
  2. Do adults report an intention and commitment to promote gender-equitable, respectful relationships within their settings?
  3. In what ways has the You, Me and Us project led to further primary prevention actions being conducted in these settings?

Pre- and post-training questionnaires and evaluation of the outcomes for settings were utilised to answer these research questions.

Evaluation reports

Girls Talk Guys Talk Program delivery at Manor Lakes: Final report 2018

With support of a Helen Macpherson Smith Trust Social Impact Grant, WHW partnered with a number of agencies during 2015-2017 to deliver GTGT in a special education setting. WHW partnered with Wyndham Youth Services, cohealth and Manor Lakes Prep – 12 College (Manor Lakes) to deliver the program at Manor Lakes; an inclusive school located in western metropolitan Melbourne that provides specific programs and opportunities for learners with a range of educational needs within purpose-built facilities.

The wider specialist school delivery rollout included three schools: Warringa Park, Manor Lakes and Jackson School. Cohealth led the delivery of GTGT at Warringa Park and Jackson School with support from partner agencies including WHW, Brimbank City Council, Wyndham Youth Services and The Department of Education and Training. This report will focus on the findings from the Manor Lakes roll out.

To read the full report click here.