Participant sessions

Each session is delivered over two class periods (i.e. a total of 90 minutes). Sessions generally follow the structure outlined below:

  1. Icebreaker activity
  2. Review of previous week’s content and group rules
  3. Baseline quiz
  4. Program content delivered through the use of interactive PowerPoint presentation and small group activities
  5. Evaluation activities including post-session quiz

The following session outlines relate to content that is delivered to the young women cohort. Please note that there is slight variation in the level of detail of topics delivered across the two student cohorts. For example, menstruation and the menstrual cycle is a core component of week one within the young women’s program, but is not as detailed within the young men’s program.

Week 1: Puberty and reproduction

Session objectives

  • Understand the emotional and physical changes associated with puberty
  • Understand human anatomy and strategies to maintain personal hygiene

Week 2: Promoting healthy and respectful relationships

Session objectives

  • Identify behaviours associated with healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Understand norms, appropriate behaviours and legalities in relation to sex and consent

Week 3: Contraception

Session objectives

  • Understand different contraceptive methods and be informed of their contraceptive choices

Week 4:  Pathways and prevention of teenage pregnancy

Session objectives

  • Explore life goals and future aspirations in Australia
  • Understand pregnancy and pregnancy options

Week 5: Safe sexual practices and sexual decision-making

Session objectives

  • Understand and prevent sexually transmitted infections
  • Develop communication, decision-making and negotiating skills in relationships